"Evil Eyes" - The Last Vegas

"Evil Eyes" - The Last Vegas

UBK directs and stars in the Motion Source produced music video, Evil Eyes.

Directed by: Brian Ernst   /   Lap Dance Guy: Mitch Brinkman

Motion Source Video Solutions: motionsource.net


Named #6 on Classic Rock Magazine's Top Music Videos of 2012


iTunes (featuring bonus track): http://bit.ly/Pmh2Qh

Amazon: http://amzn.to/U7Opcm

TLV Webstore w/ T-shirt bundles: http://bit.ly/NJUFcD

"Evil Eyes" is the first single from The Last Vegas' 2012 album "Bad Decisions" available now in North America via Frostbyte Media/eOne, UK/Europe via AFM Records on November 19th (November 16th in Germany) and Japan via Bickee Music on October 17th. 


"I'm Not Sure" - BreakEven

"I'm Not Sure" - BreakEven

I'm Not Sure - BreakEven - Vicious Cycle

A collaborative film effort by the following talented crew:

Brian Ernst
Ryan Ohm
Leslie Cunningham
H. Craig Bass
Hunter Kallenbach

Produced by MotionSource.net

"Last Alive" - HËSSLER

"Last Alive" - HËSSLER

UBK contributes to the Motion Source produced sequel to HËSSLER's Kamikazi. 

Director of Photography: H. Craig Bass  /  Camera Operator: Brian Ernst

Reality TV Host: Brian Ernst


"Kamikazi" - HËSSLER

Directed by: H. Craig Bass & Brian Ernst

Camera Operators: H. Craig Bass  /   Brian Ernst  /   Leslie Cunningham  /  Geoffrey Smeltzer

Edited by: Leslie Cunningham

"This Time" - Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts

"This Time" - Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts

Directed by: Leslie Cunningham  /  Director of Photography: Brian Ernst

Special Thanks to:
Will Phalen and Ariana Dziedzic

Produced at DePaul University, CDM 2010